29 de abril de 2016, 09:36Russia Reacts to Sweden Possibly Joining NATOMoscow, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that if Sweden decides to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Russia will be obliged to give a technical-military response to this geopolitical change.

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29 de abril de 2016, 09:55Ecuadorian Authorities Evaluate Structures Standing After EarthquakeQuito, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) The process of debris removal and emergency demolition of structures most at risk of collapsing after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake begins in Ecuador today.


29 de abril de 2016, 09:38Panama: Native Regions Should be Involved in DevelopmentPanama, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) Indigenous regions should be involved in national development, Panamanian President, Ernesto Perez Balladares, told Prensa Latina.


29 de abril de 2016, 00:02150,000 People Living in Extreme Poverty in Mexico CityMexico, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) A total of 150,000 people are now living in extreme poverty in Mexico City (Federal District) as admitted by the head of the local government in the city, Miguel Angel Mancera today.


Imagen activa19 de abril de 2016, 09:59Tehran, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) Iran strongly condemned the meeting held by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Golan Heights, an occupied Syrian territory that "sooner or later it will be returned to its legitimate owners".


29 de abril de 2016, 09:31Venezuela Expands Industries Associated with Oil ProductionCaracas, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan government today implemented a new plan for the growth and development of the Orinoco Oil Belt, with the collaboration of private and state companies.


29 de abril de 2016, 08:22International Book Fair Asuncion 2016 Opens in ParaguayAsuncion, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) A tribute to Cervantes and Shakespeare, recalling 400 years of their death, was included in the inauguration of the International Book Fair Asunción 2016, which as of today offers multiple activities.

FAO Requests Urgent Aid to Ethiopia

Imagen activa29 de abril de 2016, 17:14Rome, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) requested urgent international financial support today to assist millions of Ethiopian countryside workers affected by a harsh drought.

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29 de abril de 2016, 10:36Cuban Judo Star Will Not Participate in Pan-American ChampionshipHavana, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) Asley Gonzalez, Cuban best judoka at the moment will not participate in the Judo Pan-American Championship that takes place in this capital.


29 de abril de 2016, 11:36Chile Launches Free Internet at the Capital''s AirportSantiago de Chile, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) Chile today will open an unlimited, free, wireless internet service at the capital''s airport, Arturo Merino Benítez, in a new step to promote tourism.

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